Facing Problems with Paper or Excel Accounting?

WABOOKS Make it Simple &
Smart! Loved by MSMEs.

28K+ MSMEs* in Korea save hours daily by
process automation while CEOs can conveniently
oversee their businesses, and instantly connect
to accounting firms.

*MSMEs - Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises


Customers' Benefits Put First
in Every Corner of WABOOKS!

Invoicing & Receipt
70% Easier

Accurate and prompt recording,
execution, evidencing, and revision,
thus wise decision making.

Contact Management
80% Better

Manage business partners' information
and activities including Quotes, Invoices,
Deposits, etc.

Real-Time Financial Report
90% Faster

Link with bank accounts to track
real-time financial transactions and
reports from PC/Mobile.

No Professional Accountant

Simple and easy to use with no
technical or accounting skills necessary.

Secured Architecture on
Certified Cloud Platform

Protect your data from
malware attacks such as PC viruses and
ransomware and prevent file
corruption by PC failure, through
WABOOKS’ safe framework certified
due diligence by Korean financial
regulatory authorities.

Localized Cambodian
Standards & Experiences

Fully-provide bookkeeping functions
for accounting in Cambodia with
Khmer language and intuitive UI/UX


Every Functions You Need for Simple Accounting,
All Packed in WABOOKS!

  • Sales
    Top of Your Sales Records
    and Never Miss Unpaid Bills

    Easily create, edit, send quotations,
    invoices, receipts to your customers,
    and then monitor their payment.

  • Expenses
    Consolidate, Execute, Revise
    Your Expenses Wisely

    Balance, Approval form, evidence,
    then pay directly from WABOOKS with
    a few clicks.

  • Contacts
    Check All Contacts’
    Activities History at a Glance

    Smartly manage transactions
    including evidence, quotation,
    payment, and collection exchanged
    with contacts.

  • Banking
    All Bank Accounts in a Single

    Connect all your bank accounts with WABOOKS
    to see all real-time account transaction/balance
    in a single screen, eliminating the need to
    import transaction/balance manually.

  • Reports
    Full Insight Over Business
    Performance and Cash Flow

    Extremely busy CEO or Managers
    usually out of office can view
    aggregated business, finance, and
    cash reports in real-time from
    anywhere via laptop/mobile.

  • Payroll
    Run Payroll easily
    in one place

    Simply upload a payroll file calculated by
    your tax accountant, then WABOOKS helps
    the rest steps like creating a expense request,
    sending e-payslips, and even transferring the payroll.

  • Tax & Acc.
    WABOOKS helps you track
    your finances so you can
    save tax filing time

    You can easily forward sales/expenses,
    bank transaction, other proof data via WABOOKS
    without you even needing to send
    them one by one off to tax accountant.


WABOOKS is Loved by All Users!
Let's Hear What They Say.

Mrs. Ly Chhengheang
Accounting Manager, HOTECH Co., Ltd.

Registering Contacts manually or importing from MOC, issuing and emailing Quotation and Invoice to customers, WABOOKS made my daily tasks easier. Not to mention the feature I can monitor all banks’ deposit and withdrawal transactions in a single screen. Highly recommended.

Mr. Kim Nam-hyun

I am not always in the office. However, I need to know my company’s AR & AP status and daily cash flow data instantly. With WABOOKS Mobile App, I feel like I am always on the go with a smart secretary by my side.

Ms. Choi Seung Eun
Accounting Manager, KSGA

Managing the company’s expenses is very important to get the data ready for the tax preparation, often because the tax agent requires additional underlying data for tax reporting requirements. But WABOOKS solved one of the most painful parts of the tax preparation by managing expenses data and gives me back my weekend time instead of OT! Really love it!

Ms. Ly Sreylin
Accounting Assistant, KSGA

From registering expenses through Mobile App to effortlessly managing the Advance Cash registration and usages by employees make my works very effective and transparent. WABOOKS does a really great job because both mobile app and web seamlessly integrated together.


You Get More Than What You Spend!
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  • Works on PC and mobile
  • Transact in multiple currencies (KHR, USD)
  • Perform the payroll & tax deduction
  • Connect with multiple bank accounts
  • Keep updates with report on mobile app

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